Armando was born in Lisbon and graduated in Civil Engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) of the Technical University of Lisbon in 1969. Before founding Armando Rito Engenharia in 1982, worked in bridge design with Professor Edgar Cardoso, of whom he was also an assistant professor on the bridges and specialized structures discipline at IST. He devoted his career mainly to bridge design, has introduced and developed a number of new concepts to structural design and was honoured with several national and international prizes, such as the merit medal of GPBE (Portuguese Group of Structural Concrete), the excellence award of the World Council of Civil Engineers, the Freyssinet medal or the Albert Caquot prize. During his career he lectured at various universities and was nominated as expert member for the European Committee of Normalisation Task Group 1.2 which wrote the 1st version of the Eurocode for concrete bridge design. Currently CEO of Armando Rito Engenharia, over 500 of his designs have been built to date, which include many large-scale bridges both in Portugal and in Africa. He dedicates his spare time to his passion for bridge design.Read more