Arade River Bridge on A2 motorway

A2 Motorway – Almodôvar-S. B. Messines | Portugal | 2002

The total length of this structure is 777m and it was built using “in situ” reinforced and prestressed concrete.
The bridge is a five span continuous superstructure, comprising two parallel box girder bridge decks built using the balanced cantilever method in 5.00m segments. The total bridge length is 397m. Each of the two parallel access viaducts, on the South side, is a continuous open girder with a total length of 380m. These were built using the span-by-span method with an under-slung self-launching girder.

The piers have a maximum height of 50m and their shafts have a hollow rectangular constant cross-section widening laterally at the top with direct foundations on schist.

This bridge is located in an area with high potential for seismic activity.

Work was concluded in May 2002.


Arade River Bridge and access viaduct

A2 Motorway – Almodôvar-S. B. Messines | Portugal

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