Barra Bridge rehabilitation

Aveiro, Portugal | 2008

The Barra Bridge in Aveiro has a total length of 620m. The abutments are 21m long, the length of each of the access viaducts is 249m and the bridge is 80m long. The deck was widened from 16.06m to 17.66m.

The deck is composed of a prestressed concrete double box girder in the three central spans. In the access viaducts the deck is composed of four prestressed concrete beams connected by a top slab. The top slab is transversely prestressed.

The construction works were completed in 1975.

The bridge was subjected to major strengthening and repair works. The strengthening works included the introduction of external prestressing in the deck and in some of the piers. Additionally the piers were strengthened with carbon fibre laminates and the box girders bottom slab was strengthened with structural steel beams. Viscous-fluid dampers were introduced between the deck and abutments. Other localised strengthening solutions were adopted. The repair works essentially consisted of the removal of concrete in poor condition, the substitution of corroded reinforcement bars and the replacement of the concrete using various techniques, depending on the geometry and dimension of the elements. Finally, the bridge was painted.

The rehabilitation of the bridge was completed in May 2008.


Barra Bridge rehabilitation

Aveiro, Portugal

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