Corgo Valley Bridge

A24 Motorway – Vila Real | Portugal |2004

The bridge crosses the imposing Corgo River valley at a maximum height of 80m. With a steep curvature and large spans, it is an elegant structure set in the spectacular scenery of the Douro valley vineyards. The superstructure is continuous with two reinforced, prestressed parallel decks (6.00m apart) and an average length of 625m.

The steep curvature combined with the distance between decks results in decks with 5.50m difference and led to the adoption of different segment lengths. Hence, the decks were cast “in situ” in 3.45m and 3.60m segments using the balanced cantilever method. Each bridge deck is a five span box girder with piers up to a maximum height of 70m. Their shafts have a hollow rectangular constant cross-section with direct foundations on schist.

The design and construction of this project brought together Portuguese and French methods and knowhow which were successfully adapted to the specific circumstances of this project which had as a starting point a conceptual study carried out by Scetauroute / Jean Müller International. The bridge design was then adapted to the Portuguese design codes. Also, the necessary technical modifications and corrections were introduced considering the French construction methods and the Portuguese practice. Due to some of the constraints, the tallest cranes ever used in Portugal (till the time) were needed.

Construction started at the end of 2001 and the work was completed in March 2004.


Corgo Valley Bridge

A24 Motorway – Vila Real | Portugal

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