Douro River Bridge

A41 Motorway | Portugal | 2010

The bridge superstructure consists of two continuous, concrete decks, parallel and independent, with the following spans: 65 + 3  115 + 150 + 100m, thus the 6 spans have a total length of 730m.

Each deck consists of a single-celled box girder in prestressed concrete and were cast “in situ” by the balanced cantilever method in 5.0m segments.

The box girders have webs and upper slab of constant thickness. The bottom slab thickness decreases continuously of from the piers to the center of the spans.

The piers are in reinforced concrete and are formed by a tubular cross-section, constant along the full height.
The piers located in the riverbed rest on massive pile caps. The remaining piers have direct foundations on altered schist formations.

The construction lasted 18 months and was concluded in August 2010.


Douro River Bridge

A41 Motorway | Portugal

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