Labriosque Valley viaduct

A3 Motorway – Cruz-Braga | Portugal | 1994

The viaduct has a total length of 984m and crosses the Labriosque Valley at a maximum height of 45m.

The viaduct’s superstructure is continuous and comprises two parallel decks with two end spans of 32,0m each and 23 intermediate spans of 40,0m. The total width of the viaduct is 28.2m.

Each deck has two longitudinal beams 3.0m high connected together by a reinforced concrete deck slab and prestressed cross-beams.

The reinforced concrete pier shafts have an H shaped cross-section. Apart from the aesthetic considerations, they were conceived so as to be able to accommodate the self-launching form-carriers needed for the construction of the decks.

Most pier foundations are indirect by piles of 1.2m diameter reaching an average depth of 12m. The foundations of the abutments and 6 of the piers are direct.

The entire structure was cast “in situ”. The decks were cast span-by-span using a pair of under-slung self-launching form-carriers.

The viaduct was completed in 1994.


Labriosque Valley viaduct

A3 Motorway – Cruz-Braga | Portugal

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