Lis River Bridge

A17 Motorway – Concessão Litoral Centro | Portugal | 2007

The total length of the Lis River Bridge and viaducts is 924m.

The bridge section is a 220m continuous superstructure comprised of three spans with two parallel prestressed concrete, box girder decks, cast “in-situ” using the balanced cantilever method in 5m segments. The main span has 100m.

The access viaducts, with a total length of 516m and 188m for the eastern and western viaducts respectively, have two parallel decks constituted by a continuous open girder cast “in-situ” using the span-by-span method with an under-slug self-launching girder and, in some spans, traditional scaffolding.

The foundations are indirect and reach a maximum depth of 55m. The bridge’s pile/piers have 2.0m diameter piles and the viaduct’s pile/piers 1.5m diameter.

Construction was completed in May 2007.


Lis River Bridge and access viaducts

A17 Motorway – Concessão Litoral Centro | Portugal

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