Rainha D. Amélia Bridge rehabilitation

Setil | Portugal | 2001

The Rainha D. Amélia railway bridge was built in 1903 and is a 14 span steel girder bridge, each span being 60m long. The bridge’s total length is 840m. This is a trough-bridge with two truss girders. Piers and abutments are in masonry founded on steel cofferdams.

Several years after being deactivated from the railway service, pressure from local Councils led to its adaptation to a local road bridge.

The rehabilitation and conversion works on the bridge consisted of a general sand-blasting and cleansing of the structure followed by the treatment and repair of all corroded parts. The structure was then painted and a steel grid deck was installed as a road deck. This deck “floats” on elastomeric bearings.

To improve the safety of the foundations piers P4 to P7 were protected with a conical rock riprap spanning from the river bed to the zero contour level.

The rehabilitation work was competed in 2001.


Rainha D. Amélia Bridge rehabilitation

Setil | Portugal

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