Sado River Bridge

Motorway A2 – Alcácer do Sal-Grândola (North) | Portugal | 1999

The Sado Bridge and its access viaduct was a design and build tender with an extremely short construction period. The east structure, nearly 1800m long, was built in 6 months and the entire construction completed in just one year.

Each of the two parallel bridge decks is a three span box girder with a total length of 302m. With a total length of 1452m, each of the two parallel access viaducts is made of three continuous structures each 484m long.

The prestressed concrete decks were cast “in situ”. The bridge was built using the balanced cantilever method in 5m segments and the access viaduct ones using the span-by-span method with three under-slung self-launching girders.

The foundations are indirect with 2.50m diameter piles for the bridge and 1.50m diameter piles for the viaducts, all with an average depth of 50m. The pile/pier concept was used, this meaning that the piers are the natural extension of the piles.

The construction was completed in February of 1999.


Sado River Bridge and access viaduct

Motorway A2 – Alcácer do Sal-Grândola (North) | Portugal

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