Tua River Bridge

IC5 – Douro Interior Route | Portugal | 2012

The bridge crosses the Tua River valley at a maximum height of 140m and crosses also the railway line of the Tua. The superstructure is composed by a box girder deck.

It has a central span of 220m and two side spans of 140m, thus having a total length of 500m between abutment bearings.

The deck is in prestressed concrete and was entirely cast “in situ” by the balanced cantilever method in 5.0m segments.

The south pier reaches a maximum height of 90m. Its tubular shaft has a constant rectangular cross-section in the upper part. In order to provide the necessary widening and stiffness towards the base, the four corners have variable dimensions. The north pier is similar to the south one but has a constant cross-section along its full height.
The deck is monolithic with the piers and is supported on pot-bearings at the abutments.
The foundations are direct on altered granite and schist formations.

The bridge’s construction began in Mai 2010 and was inaugurated in April 2012.


Tua River Bridge

IC5 – Douro Interior Route | Portugal

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