Uima River Bridge

A41 Motorway | Portugal | 2011

This bridge, on the A41 motorway, crosses the Uima River valley at a maximum height of 50m.

The bridge consists on a continuous superstructure over the full length with two concrete decks parallel and independent of 12 spans: 36 + 7 x 45 + 70 + 110 + 90 + 54 = 675 m.

According to the construction method the bridge is divided into two different cross-section. The bridge deck consists of a single-celled box girder in prestressed concrete built by the balanced cantilever method in cast “in situ” with 324m long. The viaduct has a double beam cross-section, constructed by underslung movable scaffolding system and has a length of 35m.

The piers are in reinforced concrete and reach a maximum height of 45m. Their shaft has an “I” transversal cross-section with increasing width at the top. The piers have direct foundations on altered schist formations.

The construction lasted for 24 months and was completed in January 2011.


Uima River Bridge

A41 Motorway | Portugal

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