Randselva Bridge

The Randselva Bridge, which spans a river of the same name, is located in the town of Hønefoss, about 60km northwest form Norway’s capital, Olso, and carries the E16 motorway to Sweden. The bridge is a continuous concrete superstructure with seven spans and 634m long, gently curving across a deep valley over the river, railway […]

Boca del Río bridge over the Jamapa River and approach roads

The Boca del Río municipality (Veracruz State) is crossed by an urban connector with two traffic lanes in each direction that becomes a three-lane motorway outside the city centre. This road enters Boca del Río overpassing the Jamapa River by two parallel bridges with opposite traffic directions. Boca del Río grew on the north bank […]

New Dão Bridge

The new Dão Bridge is located on the 3rd main route (IP3) and crosses the existing Aguieira’s reservoir dam. The old bridge presented serious pathologies due to concrete internal expansive reactions, requiring, therefore, to be replaced. The bridge superstructure consists of a continuous single-celled box girder deck 390m long with a central span of 170m. […]

EN102 and EM325 roads redesign and new Bridge across the Sabor River

The downstream dam of the Baixo Sabor Hydroelectric Development has flooded the EN102 / EM325 roads near the Sabor River, including the existing Portela Bridge. This required the redesign of 3.6km of these roads and a new link between the two banks of the Sabor River. The superstructure, 268m long between abutment bearings, consists of […]

Tua River Bridge

The bridge crosses the Tua River valley at a maximum height of 140m and crosses also the railway line of the Tua. The superstructure is composed by a box girder deck. It has a central span of 220m and two side spans of 140m, thus having a total length of 500m between abutment bearings. The […]

Cubal da Hanha River Bridge

The bridge over the Cubal-da-Hanha River of is located on the road between Benguela and Huambo, Angola, near the town of Cubal. The original bridge was destroyed during the civil war and the new bridge was built on the same alignment using a structural solution in concrete with five spans of 20.0 + 3 x […]

Kwanza River Bridge at Cabala

The bridge crosses a large alluvial basin of the Kwanza River at Cabala where the bedrock lies very deep in the flood basin. This river is frequently subjected to heavy flooding, is navigable and the alluvial basin couldn’t support, without extensive and expensive stabilization works, the embankments needed to build an acceptable alignment for the […]

Rehabilitation of the Kwanza River Bridge at Cangandala

The Kwanza River Bridge at Cangadala in the Malange province of Angola is a multiple reinforced concrete arch bridge built in 1973. This bridge suffered extensive damage over the years of conflict in Angola, with six arches and a pier being completely destroyed. The bridge structure comprises of 15 arches of varying length over a […]

São Vicente Bridge

The São Vicente Bridge crosses the Cacheu River and is one of the greatest Public Infrastructure Works ever built in Guiné-Bissau. It is situated on the road connecting Bissau to the border with Senegal. In the Tender documents the original design follows French design practice and regulations. When possible and accepted by the control team, […]

Mondego River Bridge

The Mondego River Bridge is part of the A17 motorway at the junction with the A14 motorway. The bridge and the access viaduct decks constitute a continuous superstructure with a total length of 1016m. The bridge is 610.60m long and comprises two independent and parallel prestressed concrete box girder decks of varying height, cast “in […]